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In the last few years, most major drug companies have started large scale clinical trials operations in the Argentine market. In fact, Argentine trials have doubled from 2003 to 2006 (250 to 500) with total patient involvement over the same period growing from 15,000 to 35,000. Argentina is a preferred clinical trials destination for the following reasons:


  •  Lower relative costs 

  • The attractiveness of commercial markets 

  • Favorable economics and regulatory approval ensuring faster results 

  • Rapid, 90-day trial approval through ANMAT (Argentinean regulatory agency) 

  • Large pool of treatment-naïve patients (40 million inhabitants) 

  • Population concentrated in relatively small areas 

  • Patients with similar ethnic background to USA and Europe Patients eager to participate in trials - in some cases the only chance for treatment 

  • Access to highly skilled professionals who speak English 

  • Professionals have similar backgrounds to USA and Europe High quality assurance standards

  •  High patient retention because of strong doctor/patient relationships 

  • Direct (non stop) access by main airlines to Buenos Aires (10hs. from New York, 13hs. from Frankfurt, London, Paris and Madrid)



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